The Social Communications Revolution

Paul Greenberg (@pgreenbe) was a keynote speaker on Friday morning at Radian6’s #Social2011 giving his presentation, “Is Social CRM for real?” He began with some pretty strong words – “This is a SOCIAL communications revolution that impacts all institutions – business among them.” He explained that the way we communicate has changed forever and will … Continue reading

The Unconference: A Foundation Built for Strategic Success

I’m a business school student. I haven’t been to many conferences and didn’t really know what to expect from Radian6’s #Social2011. But I had at least heard of the concept. The “unconference” however, was completely new to me. So naturally, I decided to go check it out. I entered as Kary Delaria from Kane Consulting … Continue reading

The Social Business

I consider myself a fairly knowledgeable guy on all things “social.” I follow Mashable, stay active on Twitter and try to squeeze in a networking event every once in a while. But until I went to Radian6’s #Social2011’s Integrating the Voice of the Consumer Beyond the Call Center I could never have told you the … Continue reading