Fran Grigsby, Next Level International prompts the discussion- Why are you in Boston pursuing an entertainment related company?

The general consensus was that entertainment technology is difficult in Boston, but it compensates with the talented people here. We broke down the three major cities in entertainment technologies: New York, LA and Boston. New York and LA definitely have the agencies and brands that no other city can compete with. But Boston has the development talent, media technology and marketing that is unrivaled. Fran made an anecdotal point with a company that had its development team on the East Coast and it’s business side in LA.

It doesn’t matter the reason companies make their home here: the founder’s could have went to school here, moved because of a spouse’s job or never left after a wild time at the St. Patrick’s Day parade. Boston is a very unique city with great opportunity. No where else in the world are you able to recruit young talent, engage in digital advertising and leverage the PR channels that are all around you.

When in doubt remind yourself that you’re a rare and unique entrepreneur. If it was easy everyone would do it.


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