Abby Fichtner, Microsoft Develop Evangelist for Startups, loves the term community gardener so she decided to create a session about it. Hey, why not right? She first heard the term from Gerry Kirk at Agile 2011 Open Jam (an unconference format) who used the metaphor to describe the power of communities.

Boston is an amazing city. The hub of great colleges, start ups, talent and diversity. It’s a garden full of consumer apps, large corporations, accredited universities and talent. In such an varied group we need to have very strong gardeners that can cultivate this community. We ran through several options. But here’s the top three:

Community Gardener:

  1. Overlapping the garden is a necessity. We need to bring starts ups, mentors, investors and potential employees together to develop the most fertile soil.
  2. This gardener must be willing to go beyond other industries. A good gardener needs to learn how to work in any kind of soil which some very exotic plants.
  3. Simply actively going to events. Coordinate a car pool and  organize joint events. What demonstrates being a strong connector more than renting a ZipCar and bringing people out for an awesome time?
The landscape in Boston is emerging rapidly and amazingly. Programs like Tech Stars, MassChallenge, Mass TLC and the new Start up Massachusetts  are helping entrepreneurs more than ever before. But none of this would be accomplished without great community gardeners to connect new companies with the proper people.
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  1. […] Unfortunately, I didn’t have as much time as I’d like to spend on this topic. Other roles we might want to play with discussing include evangelist (see Microsoft’s Developer Evanglists for an example) and community gardeners. […]

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