Dave Balter: Sponges and Stones #SVBCEO

Dave Balter, Founder of BzzAgent explains his concept of sponge and stone for entrepreneurs. Sponges are entrepreneurs that constantly seek information. They don’t read Mashable and TechCrunch. They will form a team of mentors, advisers and peers that they can learn from. They will often have heroes as well. They will all read often- it doesn’t matter what as long as they do … Continue reading

Defining Moments: Matt Meeker, Bill Warner, Michael Yavonditte, Israel Ganot #SVBCEO

Matt Meeker Co-Founder of MeetUp, Entrepreneur in Residence at Polaris Ventures of DogPatch Labs NYC tells us about the ups and downs of MeetUp.com. When MeetUp went from “free to fee” he lost 80 percent of his customers and upset a lot of people. He emphasized the support system from his advisors, mentors and staff when times were … Continue reading

Brad Feld’s Keynote at #SVBCEO

What can we do to bring our communities together?