Brad Feld’s Keynote at #SVBCEO

Brad Feld. Keynote at #SVBCEO

Brad Feld Co-Founder of Foundry Group is the KeyNote for Silicon Valley Banks CEO Summit today. He was introduced as the man that needs no introduction. A serial entrepreneur turned angel investor he gives the following advice for SVB’s New York and Boston clients:

Focus on your product- He explains that if you’re the Founder of a new company the most important thing to do is to focus on your product at the beginning of your company and forever. Brad says, “don’t be afraid if the first few product releases being great. It’s important to interact with customers as often as possible. Love your product and keep iterating until you get it right.”

Cultivate a motivational environment: “HR staff  and the CEO don’t motivate people. They shouldn’t motivate people. The environment you create will motivate people.” Brad continues, “We view it as our job to machine [motivation] into the organization.”  Brad acknowledges you’re going to make bad hiring decisions. You may hire someone incredibly talented, but they may just not fit. Let them go and focus on your product.

For Brad Feld it’s imperative to link everything back to the success of your product. Cultivate an environment that gets your employees motivated so that you go to work everyday excited about what you do.


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