Dave Balter: Sponges and Stones #SVBCEO

Dave Balter speaking at #SVBCEO

Dave Balter, Founder of BzzAgent explains his concept of sponge and stone for entrepreneurs.

Sponges are entrepreneurs that constantly seek information. They don’t read Mashable and TechCrunch. They will form a team of mentors, advisers and peers that they can learn from. They will often have heroes as well. They will all read often- it doesn’t matter what as long as they do it often. They will also be incredibly humble which he cites as a powerful and growing trend among entrepreneurs.

Stones are made of two components. They will work harder than anyone else in the marketplace and have a huge strength of conviction. Sydney Frank is an example of a stone. In his eighties he created a vodka called Grey Goose that he sold to Bacardi for $2 billion. Stones will constantly grind things out and believe the impossible is possible.

Dave strongly believes you can learn to be a sponge or a stone but you have to be willing to commit to your project. It’s not necessary to be a super genius, but it is necessary to have sponge/ stone characteristics. He advises investors and others in the start up space not to restrict these entrepreneurs projects.  He believes its important to support these people because it makes our ecosystem much better.

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