The End is Near…


I love Greenhorn Connect and I really admire everything that Jason and other team members have done for the community in the past few years. When Jason asked me to be his successor as he moves to his next venture I was honored and incredibly excited. We’ve been working together over the past few months so I can learn how he’s run Greenhoron Connect and look forward to bringing a fresh perspective. This post is my three-step plan to continue to grow the Greenhorn Connect presence as I transition fully as the Executive Director of Community and Student Relations:

1) Maintain Core Values

When I asked Jason what core values he attributed to Greenhorn Connect’s success and he responded simply, “No BS.” Everything that Greenhorn Connect does, let it be an event connecting developers with successful entrepreneurs, its weekly newsletter, introductions provided or even tweets are meant to bring real value to the Boston Startup community. We have not and will not tarnish our brand name by promoting anything that we don’t feel gives value to our audience. One of the first things Jason made clear was that it’s OK to say no. People will respect you for it and your long-term reputation will be maintained.

2) Never forget why you do it

I enjoy bringing people together and connecting those who otherwise wouldn’t have been. As we discussed thecareer fair we were planning, I told him how fulfilled I’d be if just one of my friends met their potential employer there. Upon hearing this Jason took out his phone and showed me a tweet that he received just a few hours ago from an elated Greenhorn Connect follower. Since then I’ve received similar tweets and emails most recently from a student at RubyRiot that told me Greenhorn Connect set up his life as he found his first internship on our site, and from that, his future full-time employer.

3) Focus on the newcomers

When I asked him the best way to filter all the events and resources Boston has to offer Jason explained that he likes to focus on the newcomers. Focusing on resources that a student or new entrepreneur would find valuable brings value to veterans as well. Maybe they need to brush up on some skills, be reminded of the practices of lean start ups or even just get inspired by a young talent’s persistence. Either way, both sides are generally very satisfied.

I’m excited for the future of Greenhorn Connect and I hope you are too. Jason is only a tweet away, Pardees is awesome at giving me honest feedback, and all of you have been incredibly supportive of my initiatives so far. I’m going to bring a fresher and even younger perspective on the Boston tech scene that I hope you all will appreciate. Thank you for reading.

Thoughts on changes you’d like to see Greenhorn Connect make? Ideas for me and the rest of the team? Questions about getting involved and reaching out? Email me at paul at Greenhorn Connect dot com.


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