It’s a great time to be a Student in Boston

There are a lot of really excited students out there eager to break into the Boston start up community. There’s also a lot of supportive entrepreneurs eager to help them. Now… how do we get these people talking?

Last night I met with students from all over the Boston area including well known students like Cory Bolotsky of Northeastern and Turner Bohlen of StartLabs/ MIT as well as up and comers like Theodore Thompson of Olin andTodd Kirkland of Brandeis. In total we had about 20 students from the Boston area representing BU, Harvard, MIT, Olin, Babson, Hult, Suffolk, Tufts, Northeastern and BC (well…in spirit since BC is on Spring Break). We even had some tech leaders from the community stop by and show support like CA Webb of NEVCA, David Haber of Spark Capital,Lauren Landry of Bostinnovation and Aaron O’Hearn of TechStars.

So what did we discuss you ask? Unfortunately, the full notes are privy information but here’s an idea of what’s to come:

Student Empowerment
Student empowerment and ownership of this project is key. Finding that many students from different schools in a meeting aimed at improving communication is rare. Collectively we’ve all done great things from hack-a-thons, to career fairs and even starting our own companies. There are huge lessons to be learned from each other when those self-enacted and dynamic relationships have been serendipitously created.

University Collaboration
Universities will develop stronger partnerships where it matters- at the student level. We’ll also be looking to host flagship events that get everyone out and excited to be a studentrepreneur. A RubyRiot themed party and a Startup Bootcamp for all Boston area studentsThe possibilities are endless.

Some of what’s been discussed needs some time to develop, but it’s important that you’re aware what’s in the works. Pretty soon it’s going to get a lot easier to do initiatives like Startup SummerSummer @ Highland, and Startup School. It’s a great time to be a student in Boston and before we know it the question may not be “How do we get students involved” but rather “What do we do with them?

Are you a student interested in getting involved? Add yourself to our Facebook group to stay updated on progress.

Are you interested in learning more and supporting us in greater ways? Email me

Ideas for our organization? Challenges you think we’ll face? Please explain in the comments.


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