The Importance of a Good Vacation

Most start up founders and employees have insane work weeks while juggling other projects and hobbies. Working 60+ hours a week and dealing with the ups and down of a startup lifestyle can become really stressful. It’s increasingly important to distress for the health of your team dynamic and yourself.

Go on a Team Vacation

It’s relatively common to have a lazy Friday afternoon with an office flip cup tournament, ping pong or happy hour. But how about doing a team vacation for the weekend? You could go on a party weekend to Montreal or a chill camping trip in New Hampshire. It’ll get you out of the office and develop team memories that are imperative for an early stage company.

Exercise Regularly

Boston’s a great city to go for a run and has some great gyms nearby several “startup neighborhoods”. Even if you’re not a runner or a lifter you may enjoy less traditional methods like yoga or learning a martial art. Just make sure you get away from your computer and do some physical activity.


This should be a no brainer but it’s not a good idea to get little sleep. There will always be those hard deadlines that require an all- nighter, but if this is a regular practice it’s probably time to reevaluate how you spend your time. It may even be likely that you’re taking longer than usual to complete deliverables because you’re simply too tired.

Have a couple drinks!

Having a few drinks here and there is actually good for you. Chilling out after a long day with a beer and your favorite television show is probably one of my favorite things to do. Don’t like beer? Drink some wine, a cocktail or even some soda. Just make sure you enjoy the little things in life including your favorite drink or snack.

Disconnect from the world

Make sure your trips are long enough that you can get away without constantly worrying about things you have do when you get back. If you’re gone for too short a time it may not be worth the time because you’ll still come back without being fully reenergized. But be careful because taking too long of a trip or one that’s timed poorly in the year can really hurt the impression you give your team.

Most people in Boston startups hardly consider what they do “work” but should still take the time to relax. Even just getting a change of scenery every once in a while is a great way to maintain your perspective and may even expose you to the idea that launches your next venture.

What’s your favorite version of R and R? Have any tips on destressing that you’d like to share? Start a conversation in the comments!


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