Why Rejection is Awesome!

You’ve been pitching investors but no one seems to get your vision? Maybe you’ve been pining after that cute girl in your CS class but she has a boyfriend?

That’s great! Rejection is actually pretty awesome and here’s why:

It humbles you so that the next time you go into a pitch meeting, interview, or on a date you remember that you’re not perfect.

It opens your eyes to the fact that you can and should always be improving. There is always a better way to do something and something you should always strive for.

It closes a door and forces you to find another entrance. There’s no one way to pursue anything in life and if you keep your goals focused then the right opportunities will arise. The method you go about achieving them may be something completely new and unexpected.

It keeps you human because everyone deals with obstacles. But it’s how we persevere that differentiates our successes.

A couple quick stories:

You may or may not know that I founded a comedy group at Boston University called The Callbacks. I only did after auditioning to the “premier” sketch comedy group getting a call back, but not making the group. So I gathered all the other callbacks together and that year we were named Best New Student Group of the Year.

The summer that catalyzed my love of startups happened because I was rejected for an on campus position for the summer. Not having that second job gave me the flexibility to intern at a NYC based startup where I first learned the hustle that I count on today.

____ _____

Whether it’s a rejection from a crush, dream job or even a night club you shouldn’t be upset because there’s probably a good reason. It’s a big world out there and if you can’t find a good path then go ahead and create one!


Have any rejection stories that worked out in your favor? Disagree with any of the points? Start a conversation in the comments!

2 Responses to “Why Rejection is Awesome!”
  1. David says:

    Mr. Hlatky, this is a good post.

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