Which drives you: Passion or ambition?

In a conversation with a friend of mine we discussed the importance of ambition and passion in our lives. As a current or aspiring entrepreneur you are probably in frequent contact with people that rely on one of these qualities. But in your quest for “the next big thing” did you ever pause to think which is superior?

How many times has someone told you they wanted to “change the world?” Ambition seems to be a prerequisite for any entrepreneur to provide them with the conviction to succeed. Yet it’s also often related to negative characteristics that make people cold, selfish and power hungry.

Passion can almost be categorized as a buzz word in startup culture where you can even find it as a bullet point in most job descriptions. It seems as if every entrepreneur believes that their passion in their idea drove them to start a company. It’s a noble and worthwhile pursuit- but is it entirely genuine?

Consider a case in which an individual has an exponential passion for mobile technology, but no ambition to develop a plan to create something new. On the other hand, an incredibly ambitious individual could have researched the highest growing fields, eventually deciding to purse a mobile technology venture because it matched their skillset best.

I’d like to think that most people have a healthy mix of both qualities, but it’d be best if those that are pursuing companies or “larger than life” dreams reexamine why they are doing so. Are they passionate in their field of interest or are they only guided by their ambition as a means to an end?

Read the original post on Greenhorn Connect’s blog.


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