Want a strong company culture? Take out the trash.

  Culture is a common buzz word among new and established organizations. It’s increasingly important in a startup to motivate employees to work the extra hours without the added benefits. It’s also the factor many companies rely on to attract and retain strong talent. But strangely enough some of the most successful companies don’t even … Continue reading

Which drives you: Passion or ambition?

In a conversation with a friend of mine we discussed the importance of ambition and passion in our lives. As a current or aspiring entrepreneur you are probably in frequent contact with people that rely on one of these qualities. But in your quest for “the next big thing” did you ever pause to think … Continue reading

It’s a great time to be a Student in Boston

There are a lot of really excited students out there eager to break into the Boston start up community. There’s also a lot of supportive entrepreneurs eager to help them. Now… how do we get these people talking? Last night I met with students from all over the Boston area including well known students like Cory … Continue reading

The End is Near…

…JUST KIDDING! I love Greenhorn Connect and I really admire everything that Jason and other team members have done for the community in the past few years. When Jason asked me to be his successor as he moves to his next venture I was honored and incredibly excited. We’ve been working together over the past few months … Continue reading