Dave Balter: Sponges and Stones #SVBCEO

Dave Balter, Founder of BzzAgent explains his concept of sponge and stone for entrepreneurs. Sponges are entrepreneurs that constantly seek information. They don’t read Mashable and TechCrunch. They will form a team of mentors, advisers and peers that they can learn from. They will often have heroes as well. They will all read often- it doesn’t matter what as long as they do … Continue reading

Defining Moments: Matt Meeker, Bill Warner, Michael Yavonditte, Israel Ganot #SVBCEO

Matt Meeker Co-Founder of MeetUp, Entrepreneur in Residence at Polaris Ventures of DogPatch Labs NYC tells us about the ups and downs of MeetUp.com. When MeetUp went from “free to fee” he lost 80 percent of his customers and upset a lot of people. He emphasized the support system from his advisors, mentors and staff when times were … Continue reading

Brad Feld’s Keynote at #SVBCEO

What can we do to bring our communities together?


Fran Grigsby, Next Level International prompts the discussion- Why are you in Boston pursuing an entertainment related company? The general consensus was that entertainment technology is difficult in Boston, but it compensates with the talented people here. We broke down the three major cities in entertainment technologies: New York, LA and Boston. New York and LA definitely … Continue reading


Abby Fichtner, Microsoft Develop Evangelist for Startups, loves the term community gardener so she decided to create a session about it. Hey, why not right? She first heard the term from Gerry Kirk at Agile 2011 Open Jam (an unconference format) who used the metaphor to describe the power of communities. Boston is an amazing … Continue reading


I’m a Senior at BU interested in jumping into the Boston start up scene along with hundreds of other students in this city. This panel  at the Mass TLC Unconference comprised of people looking to increase that number to thousands as soon as possible. Karl Buttner of Mass Challenge began the conversation asking everyone to … Continue reading

Bill Warner’s Pick up Line for Today

Bill Warner, Founder and Co-Chair of Mass TLC Unconference takes the center of the room this morning to greet the technology leaders of the country. He begins by reminding us that we are “part of something big.” He explains that “Boston is the forefront of new technologies. An entrepreneur comes to Boston and realizes they can … Continue reading

Silicon Valley Bank Tech Startup Party

Message me for details! SVB Tech Startup Summer Party  You’re all in the same boat: No budget. No team. No problem. Come on board The Riverboat at Lewis Wharf for a drink, a laugh, and to make a connection or two. And not to worry, this will not be Gilligan’s 3-hour tour; the boat will … Continue reading

DartBoston and TechStars After Party

  I’m recruiting for this awesome event on June 15. You should definitely come out and join the party. Tickets are cheap and the people are great. See below for details taken from the DartBoston blog:     DartBoston has teamed up with TechStars and many fantastic sponsors such as Rackspace, Microsoft BizSpark, Silicon Valley … Continue reading

The Social Communications Revolution

Paul Greenberg (@pgreenbe) was a keynote speaker on Friday morning at Radian6’s #Social2011 giving his presentation, “Is Social CRM for real?” He began with some pretty strong words – “This is a SOCIAL communications revolution that impacts all institutions – business among them.” He explained that the way we communicate has changed forever and will … Continue reading